Dental Studio

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Have you been suffering from gum disease for some time now? Do you have dental malocclusion problems? Are you looking for a dental practice specializing in orthodontics? Need a cure for your dental caries? Keen for a dental whitening treatment?
You can rely on Dr. Rubino Angelo's dental practice for guaranteed professionalism and integrity.

Regular checkups

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Dr. Rubino Angelo advises his patients to undergo periodic dental health checkups.

Protesi fisse e mobili

Dr. Rubino specializes in the application of fixed and mobile prostheses to give a perfect smile to their patients.

Oral Hygiene

To keep your teeth and oral cavity healthy, make sure you make appointments for oral hygiene and cleaning sessions.

Orthodontic Appliances

Thanks to orthodontic appliances, Dr. Rubino is able to solve all major problems of dental malocclusion that can occur both in children as well as adults.

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